Thursday, March 19, 2009

One of the few environmental illustrations I've done, this is the House of Grandma Ruth. Grandma Ruth is the first character players will meet after they exit the vortex. She is a sweet and small old lady, but don't be fooled by her looks. She helps Obi understand the world and his newly found gift of Controlling Monsters bodies.
Talon is the antagonist of From the Heavens, and is also the General to one of the Provinces. Throughout the game Talon sends his men after Obi trying to capture him to study and test. Talon is a ruthless warrior but is rarely ever heard talking to anyone.
Scarab is another electronic illustration i did specifically for From the Heavens. He is a Nature type Monster and uses a lot of growth and plant attacks. He was originally supposed to have hieroglyphic engravings all over his body, but i thought that the level detail may clash with the other Monsters.
Batteram was one of the first Monsters I designed specifically for the From the Heavens design. He is also the first illustration i did entirely on the computer. Batteram is a Mountain type Monster and specializes in rock and ice attacks. His spin is made of stone plates that he can lock together in a straight line to make him a pulverizing machine.
This is a quick concept I did for the world that From the Heavens would take place in. It is one continent composed of three different provinces. Each province is ruled by an Emperor and has different enviromental surroundings. I also wanted a landscape that could fit easily into a linear story line, but still provide areas for players to backtrack, thus the circle shape of the continent.
Boriphantu is another Monster that I painted before I created From the Heavens. His overall structure is a combination of a bear, a gorilla, an elephant, and a Cockatoo. Boriphantu is a larger monster and typically move pretty slow.
Pumpkin Head is one of the first monsters I illustrated for From the Heavens. I actually created him before From the Heavens was created. Pumpkin Head is a weaker Dark type Monster who is always dazed and is terrified of the dark. Because he gets scarred easily he carries with him a lantern that he uses not only for light but as a weapon as well. I also modeled and textured Pumpkin Head in 3D. He was modeled in Autodesk 3ds Max, sculpted in Z-brush and textured in photoshop.
From the Heavens is a game that I recently designed targeted towards a younger audience. The premise of the game is that Obi, the main character, is a young spirit in the spirit realm still adjusting to the spirit life style. On his way to a spirit convention he stumbles upon a strange vortex that sends him flying into another world. The world Obi land sin is full of monsters, corruption, and evil. Fortunately enough for Obi he soon finds out that he can inhabit the bodies of the Monsters and control them.
One of the best parts I like about games is being able to customize and create your own character. So when I designed Fresh Powder it was one of the first things I integrated into the design. Things players will be able to change with their character is their name, body, head, gear, and riding style. The players will be able to name their characters anything they want. In the body section players can choose if they want to be male or female, tall or short, large or thin. The Head option is where the all of the characters facial features can be manipulated. Gear is the option where players will basically dress their characters for the cold snow covered mountains. The last option is riding style, here players will choose to be a snowboarder or a skier. They will also choose what areas of their style they want to specialize in.
This a Interface design for the Trail Map for Fresh Powder. Each different resort would have their own map, with all the playable trails visible. Players will only have access to a limited number of trails when they first visit a resort. As the player advances in Career mode trails will start to open up and hold new challenges for the player. This interface is part of the pause menu and will also let the player see their score, stats and move in between trails.